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‘Nomadland’ Captures Best of 2020 Critics Nod and Resonates for 2021



Above: Official Trailer for “Nomadland”

Building accolades as Oscar season approaches

A relatively low budget film without big marketing mojo is getting added to prestigious best film of 2020 lists. First it was the AP critics, now the National Society of Film Critics has followed suit. 

Read More: AP Names ‘First Cow’ and ‘Nomadland’ the best films of 2020

Also, as with the AP, “First Cow” was a runner up. “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” got a nod as well. 

The concept is sure to be relatable for many, as it deals with struggles to survive in hard economic times, and follows her journey and experience traveling across the American Heartland looking for ways to get back on her feet. 

The story is based on the book of the same title, telling a tale of darker side of the American economy, one where many low-cost labor pools have resulted in many transient older adults, Americans that have to be incredibly resilient and find creative ways in order to survive. 

The movie stars  Frances McDormand, who plays as a widow, unable to afford her home during the recession, sells her home and packs up all her necessities into her van.  There she embarks on journey through the American West, living in her van, as a modern-day, nomad, picking up seasonal work and relying on the compassion and generosity in her travels. Written, edited and produced by Chloe Zhao.

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