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‘The Simpsons’ Episodes that Eerily Foreshadowed the Riots on Capitol Hill



From Twitter User  @djlistendat

After all the Bizarre and Not-Funny Events of the Week this is well….Bizarre Period

In a somewhat famous and now infamous episode of The Simpsons, Homer has a dream (nightmare?) relating to the U.S. elections, that were about to take place. The segment aired on November 1, 2020, and, in the end, became eerily prophetic. It didn’t take long for the world, particularly on Twitter, to take note and react. 

In his dream, he never ends up voting and the scene cuts to January 20th, 2021, inauguration day,  a day that has not yet arrived, of course, but, as if often the case with physic phenomena, the details had a shocking correlation to what we all witnessed on January 6th, 2021. 

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The date discrepancy is worth noting, since some of the scenes that were not directly accurate on January 6th, could well be at a future date.

The clips show apocalyptic, war like scenes, buildings burning, robots all around and the course horsemen bearing flags that read:
famine, war, and pestilence.

Another clip from the 1996 episode “The Day the Violence Died” shows the constitution (as a person) atop the Capitol hills steps saying “Doors open boys” resulting in a horde of amended bills (also anthropomorphized) toting shot guns and bombs as they storm the building.

The visual similarities, how the mob is somehow savage and yet ridiculous and mirrors the videos and photos of real life to a T. Maybe there’s more than just the ability to predict the future at work here? Maybe there’s a message of wisdom in Homer’s dream?

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