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The Trip Begins (Hyper-lapse Drone Footage!)

High quality aerial photography produced using unmanned, remote-controlled Drones is becoming more commonplace. With this proliferation, and with a simultaneous massive improvement in camera quality, a new wave of spectacular visual renderings of the world’s most beautiful cities are appearing online.

Some of these also use special effect techniques such as time-lapse and “hyper-lapse”. Similar to time-lapse, hyper-lapse adds movement while maintaining a stable image throughout. Once only possible through laborious software processing, the effects can now be produced “in-camera”, through the use of gyroscopic stabilizers rendering an effect that adds an otherworldly dimension to the “trip”, creating a true feast for the eye.

Using these effects, adding music and a bit of editing, the stunning aerial views created can evoke an experience as if mind-altering substances had been ingested!

Here are a few of the best examples we found on YouTube:

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has possibly the world’s most beautiful skyline, especially at night. This video, titled “Escape” by  Francis So takes the Hyper-lapse genre to the next level with an integrated story and a great variety of locations in and around HK

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Frank H. – New Entertainment Pictures has put together a breathtakingly detailed day in the life of this beloved metropolis. Traversing a typically cloudy, almost “sleepy London-Town” on a journey from Dawn to Dusk, practically all the most amazing landmarks can be seen as if from the view of a floating spirit guide.


In many ways the most amazing of our clip selections, this is an incredible look at some of Italy’s most photogenic landmarks, all from the perspective of a mind-altered space alien. The rich highly saturated photography heightens the effects and creates a sensual tableau that, truly, must be seen to be appreciated.

Producer / Director  Adam Shomsky Included the following location notes:


With a musical accompaniment that evokes “Falco’s Amadeus meets Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (spring)” creating an eerily fitting aural backdrop,
has created an impressive visual mix of some of Berlin’s classic locations, including;

“The Memory Church” (in German: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, but mostly just known as Gedächtniskirche ).  Famous for being bombed in 1943, the church was rebuilt between 1959-1963 but the original spire was retained and serves as a reminder of the horrors of war.

The “Friedensengel”(peace angel) known also as The Berlin Victory Column) which appeared in the 1987 Wim Wenders‘ Wings of Desire (1987) Portrayed as a meeting place for angels.

The Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor). This iconic landmark split the east and west sectors during the cold war and remains at the heart of Berlin, in body and spirit.

Perhaps, after such a mind blowing “trip” a calmer look from a drone at peace with the world is a fitting final journey:

Frank H / New Entertainment Pictures has produced a soothing, dreamy portrait of the Berlin. Using various slow-motion effects and a confident, calm approach, this view from a drone is portrays the city in a decidedly different light, but the result is no less satisfying.

The clips in this preview are but a tiny foretaste of what may soon be possible in creative photography and visual special effects. Stay Tuned.

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