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Are we all Homicidal Maniacs now due to Cabin Fever brought on by #QuarantineLife?



Jack Nicholson from “The Shining”

Maybe a little levity will help… 

With recommendations to stay inside and social distance, many  people, couples and families in particular have extra time on their hands. What can you do together? Do some online shopping? Read about novel coronavirus or politics? Listen to an Audiobook? Watch TV? Well many have also turned to social media, where there has been an onslaught of creative and funny posts about the real struggles of having to live with other people. Here’s some humorous and relatable content in the form of tweets and videos that have been created while couples/families have been quarantined together.

Running out of things to talk about

Many of us have busy lives and couples can sometimes use dinner time as a way to reconnect and “check in” on how each others’ days went. With couples spending much more time together – the feeling of having nothing much to left to say can definitely set in.

Work life but at home

Working remote from home has become an option. When you have a family and young children also at home from school, teleconferences and Skype meetings can get a tad bit messy!

Also the whole blaming coworkers has been a quick and dirty way to pass the buck at work (only half joking) but when you’re at home it’s just you and your partner, so creating an imaginary worker to place blame on is the “perfect” solution!

Aggravation and irritation set in – Hard

Usually there is healthy distance between partners. We go to work which is time apart and then normally in the evenings and weekends you spend time together. Having to be together all the time, especially if you live in a one bedroom, frustrations are surely going to kick in. Hopefully ya’ll have healthy communication skills to proactively diffuse any tense scenarios if they will arise. Yet the above are some funny (hopefully very rare and extreme cases!)

The End

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