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Taylor Swift’s first ‘Evermore’ video: ‘Willow’, plus her trio of Cats



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And may it continue, evermore.

Taylor Swift is serving fans holiday gifts left and right.  First, Swift announces a surprise album, “Evermore”, the second one this year and drops it within mere hours and just two days shy of her 31st birthday.  This upcoming album will be Taylor’s 9th album and regarded by singer as “folklore’s sister”.  Followed up with the music video for her first song off the track, “Willow” simultaneously with release. 

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It’s already obvious Taylor Swift is mega pop star that has garnered multiple Grammy, Billboard, MTV awards and more.  Yet, Taylor being such an animal lover and proclaimed cat lady should also be equally recognized.

December 2020 will be newsworthy for the artist and her holiday card this year puts a proverbial cherry on top. A journalist revealed Taylor’s card and yes it includes the artist’s trio of adorable cats, inspired and named from TV and movie characters: Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey and Benjamin Button.

 As if we need a reason to explain why our pets are held in such high regard, sometimes, more so than our fellow humans.  Especially during the nearly year long pandemic filled with social isolation, our pet(s) appreciate everything we do for them, provide emotional support (even if they don’t know it) and ultimately provide unconditional love. It’s clear why Taylor so proudly put them on display.

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