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Trump calls war dead ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ – Lincoln Project ad on Atlantic Story



Typical yet shockingly disturbed comments from a sick mind

First exposed in a feature article in Atlantic Magazine – The quotes from Trump that Veterans, including those that made the ultimate sacrifice are “Losers and “Suckers” has now inspired a new Lincoln Project Ad.

The Lincoln Project consists of anti-Trump republicans, led by George Conway, husband of Kellyanne, and their disgust with the current occupant of the White House seems to grow daily.

The Lincoln Project has been very active in opposing Trump, bringing a no-holds-barred and yet dignified approach to the resistance from a conservative perspective. With high-profile names such as George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Jennifer Horn and others, listed as advisors. The group is carving out a solid mind-share through the almost-constant release of ads on social media and with paid ads on various broadcast outlets

Prolific authors and producers out to rescue us from the orange menace

Lincoln Project, along with RVAT (Republican Voters Against Trump), Really American PAC and The Meidas Touch have been firing on all cylinders lately pumping out some incredible anti-trump ads and content. The fact that both Lincoln Project and RVAT are founded by Republicans (sometimes referred to as Never-Trumpers) makes for interesting perspectives.

While the spots are often entertaining they also engage and inform with a clear goal – to elect Joe Biden and remove Trump from office on November 3rd, along with as many of his enablers in the Senate and House as possible.

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