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Trump needs to DESTROY the POST OFFICE and picked LOUIS DEJOY to get it done



The outrage may have peaked but the details continue to enrage – massive conflicts of interest and more…

Trump needs to destroy the post office and picked louis dejoy to get it done – Conflicted, not only by his obvious loyalty and massive campaign contributions to Republicans and Trump, but with huge financial gains in reward for destroying the USPS. Bombshell ad just released by the Really American PAC (Political Action Committee).

Just as the Lincoln Project has been skewering Trump with ads exposing his weakness and corruption, and going viral while doing it, ReallyAmerican PAC is joining the fray with some pretty viral-worthy ads of their own.

Once the Republican National Convention (Also known as the Cocaine Convention) blasted into a zombie apocalypse styled attack on everything democratic (small and big D) and then proceeded to flame-out in the ratings, the general election shenanigans began at an October-plus level of furor.

And now, with Melania-Gate in full swing, it might seem like the whole suppress-the-vote-by-destroying-the-post-office thing is, well, old news. It’d be wrong to think that, however. Not only is this issue still front and center and an ongoing travesty, but new revelations continue to explode on to the scene and demand, and are worthy, of further scrutiny and attention.

This clip has a few morsels of incredible ugliness, like the fact that Dejoy is literally and financially conflicted in his position as Postmaster General, and stands to benefit from the crippling of the Post Office, directly, as explained in the ad.

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