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Trump’s grand entrance emulates Putin during RNC 2020 and Twitter responses explode



Trump and Melania eerily imitate Russians in lock-step fantasy-land presentation

Malcolm Nance, an intelligence and counterterrorism expert spotted the resemblance and uniformity of President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Republican National Convention (RNC) and in a tweet explained the obvious and insane connection.  After looking at the two videos, the grand entrance of soldiers opening up doors for the Presidents and their regal “royal” walks on the red carpet appear to have an identical aim. 

Others on social media also saw the similarities and took to Twitter to create a side-by-side comparison of the two.

The scary part is that somehow Trump believes that at some point his “base” will embrace these bizarre comparisons that he tries to draw with his position and that of a Russian tyrant.

Some have even took to social media to draw parallels with Melania Trump and the Rose Garden with the Red Army uniform and Gorky Park in Moscow. 

Not only was Trump’s imitation of Putin’s walk repulsive, many are saying that President Trump violated the Hatch Act as he used the White House itself for political campaign event, specifically for a citizen naturalization ceremony was a virtual stage for the RNC 2020. 

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