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Trump’s wonderful family album of Bad Behavior from 2020



Social media had a field with the kids and spouses

The “Princess” was king of botched social media messages

Ivanka Trump struts to music while delivering food to struggling Americans

Ivanka Trump, first daughter, posted a video of herself, in an extreme-self-congratulatory fashion, with instrumental music playing in the background. In the oddly disconcerting clip she can be seen working “hard” to hand deliver boxes of food to those in need. In the final days left of Trump’s term, apparently, his eldest daughter felt the need to make her presence known.  According to many on Twitter, her strange, weak attempts to display compassion (with a clear agenda to promote herself) failed to convey actual concerned authenticity, despite the fact that millions of people continue to be seriously affected during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ivanka posted an “amazing” photo of Trump on Mount Rushmore: the internet disagreed

Ivanka Trump decided to share a picture of her father during his visit to the historic Mount Rushmore back in July of this year.   The positioning of Trump’s head alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, was according to the caption of Trump’s daughter… “amazing”.  Back in August, Trump was quick to call reports from the NYT “Fake News” that he had inquired with the South Dakota governor about getting his face carved upon the iconic rock face, yet he also somehow thought it was “good idea”. Ivanka’s tweet went viral with immediate reactions on Twitter, proving those on the internet felt the opposite of amazed, with majority of users, quick to mock her decision and timing of the shared post. 

And this….

Donny Jr blasted on Twitter for appearing to be wired on coke:

Trump’s Cocaine Convention – Don Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle and more Screaming in Lincoln Project Ad

Hilarious Negativity and Scare Tactics in non-stop Coke filled tirade from “upbeat” RNC. The juxtaposition of the ridiculous scare tactics and nonsense threats of what could happen if Trump is not re-elected would be funny is not so sad. The overblown screaming and the smug self satisfied exaggerated nonsense begs the obvious question: who supplied the blow? The ad splices together a long list of speakers at the convention, from Don Jr. to Charlie Kirk to Kimberly Guilfoyle to Tim Scott, each of them attempting to paint the most gruesome picture imaginable of the horrible state of America in some imaginary post Trump future. Naturally, this is nearly believable, as long as one is referring not to what would happen if Joe Biden were to become president, but the actual current reality today in Trump’s America.

New Killer Ad Shows “Where the Apple Falls” as Don. Jr. puts both feet in Mouth

Some of the many appalling and even disgusting facets of the Trump era are reflected in the primitive psychological tactics that emanate from any speech or off the cuff remark from the President. “Gaslighting“, “Whataboutism” and “I know you are but what am I” playground level taunts and name calling abound. And, above all, the tactic of projecting whatever you are accused of onto your enemies, no matter how ridiculous it appears. Like on July 4th when trump implied that Antifa was a “fascist” organization. How can a group with “anti” and Fascist” in the very name be accused of being the thing that they have clearly and overtly declared themselves to be against? Ask Trump. And now, in an apple-falling-not-far-from-the-tree moment of imbecilic genetic transference, Don Jr. employs all of the above in a recent twisted tirade on Fox. Unfortunately for him, the folks that call themselves the “Meidas Touch” were able to illustrate just how ridiculous and revealing this web of insanity really is.

Donald Trump Jr. Tests Positive for Coronavirus and is in Isolation after Infection

No surprise, yet another of the Trump clan has covid-19.Asymptomatic but in quarantine, one more of the anti-mask Trump crew has been added to the list of those that have tested positive for the Covid 19 virus.  It’s unknown whether the public would have been informed by either Trump Jr. or the White House without the story from Bloomberg broken. Recent news that pentagon officials and other have tested positive after several other members of the Trump family including Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, were infected with the virus earlier this year. Trump Sr. was positive in October, first lady Melania Trump, and their son Barron had also tested positive for the disease and Guilfoyle was infected in August . 

Jared “Pampered Princeling” Kushner – AKA Secretary of Failure

Jared Kushner

Nepotism proves to be a recipe in failure for Trump clan. Featured in this ad produced by the super PAC known as – The Lincoln Project takes a well deserved shot at Jared Kushner, calling him the “secretary of failure”. Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law has been given a large handful of very important tasks, one of which was heading the response team uncharge of coming up with a plan to contain the spread of the pandemic. So far the total lack of an effective “plan” and instead the obvious outcome that more and more Americans are losing their lives, he has definitely failed on that front.

Trump’s ‘other’ Son….

The time Eric Trump forgot the election date

Or when he provided a fake, non-existent number to “help stop” election fraud

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