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Trump’s Mystery Companion Revealed



According to White House insiders, using a double is a known technique, used since at least 2017

In a soon to be moot “conspiracy” theory that has gone on since around 2017, both evidence and speculation has pointed to a body-double replacing Melania at various times when “Melania” is seen next to her husband.

Original on FB: Trump’s Charade Exposed

Since Trump’s loss to Biden in November, it seems that the effort in trying to hide the subterfuge has been lacking, and many photos of the double have surfaced, particularly during Trump’s recent trip to his resort residence in Florida.

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This post is an updated and expanded version of our recently published story: Trump Travels with Mystery Double: zero mention in media, which compiled some of the many instances of photographic evidence (some seen again herein), mostly published originally on twitter accounts. As we pointed out in the original article, the fact that the press continued to caption and refer to these charades as “President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump…” is, in and of itself, an additional strange feature of the phenomenon.

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Thanks to a tip from a reader’s comment to the original piece, it does appear, at least to the eyes in the Lynxotic Newsroom, that the double is, in actuality, Melania’s sister, Ines Knauss, seen below. Two years older than her sister, at 52, Ines differs from Melania in the cut of her nose and lips, though they are very similar. This may also be due to a lack of surgical enhancement, which can be seen by comparing older and more recent photos of Melania.

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Melania’s “squinting cat eyes” which may also benefit from artificial enhancement, are typically not an issue for the double since huge very dark sunglasses are usually employed to make any direct eye-to-eye comparison impossible.

Ines Knauss/Facebook

Melania’s doppelgänger, based on a tip from a reader, is likely her sister: Ines Knauss

Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director, once appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention?, an Australian game show, and was apparently able to confirm that the First Lady, in fact, does have body double.

“You know Michael Cohen, the President’s lawyer, insists that there is a body double and insists that actually her sister sometimes replaces her on the campaign trail,” he told viewers.

Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director, once appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention?, an Australian game show

Scaramucci went on, adding “Usually when you see somebody more affectionate with Mr. Trump,” referring to Melania’s body-double. “Let me put it to you this way, when he loses [the election] on Tuesday, I’m going to be a happy camper, but nobody is going to be happier than Melania.”

📷 M in Milano Italy #FBF 1992

Posted by Ines Knauss on Friday, 24 June 2016

Clearly, looking at these photos and tweets it’s crazy obvious that an entirely different person than Melania is standing next to Trump, holding has hand (enthusiastically, no less) and smiling, waving and then chatting with him in ways completely out of character compared to the typical behavior of FLOTUS herself.

Above: Photo / Twitter

Even more odd are the ubiquitous captions stating that the photos are of “President Donald Trump standing next to First Lady Melania Trump” when that is so obviously not the case. In the first wave of fake Melania sightings, folks on Twitter began a guessing game and many felt that it was an established probability, if not a fact, that the real Melania was M.I.A. and a body double had been hired to take her place.

At this point the resemblance is so far off and the various features, hair color, nose, lips, breasts half the size, the whole lack of corresponding features is so incredibly, blatantly, visible that it is a form of unintentional fraud for news outlets, large and capable ones such as CNN, Wapo and more, to be playing along with the ruse.

This is the kind of omission of ‘news’ that is mind boggling; only Twitter cares?

Some still seem to believe that Melania changed her body, face, hair and so forth and others, apparently, just want to play along and accept the non-explanation from Trump as the automatic truth; as if he is saying, “it’s all fine here, my wife is definitely not avoiding me or refusing to been seen with me in public together…”

Others on Twitter are mentioning the fact that they both seemed to have abandoned Barron Trump, who is usually seen next to Melania, and whom, presumably she would not leave behind during Christmas break in Florida. Some, as is to be expected on Twitter, poked fun at Trump’s complaints about FLOTUS not getting magazine cover shoots and adds the twist of the mystery double for good measure…

And, of course, many are reveling in the observation that the “real” Melania would not be so cheerful, and definitely not be seen enthusiastically squeezing Donald’s hand and chatting with him so willingly and attentively. There have been so any memes of her pulling away and smiling “fakely” only to suddenly frown when she thinks that the cameras are not focused on her, and have been shared over the last weeks and months, that it’s impossible to take any of this seriously.

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