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Trump Headlines Explode Faster than Anyone can Absorb



The sheer volume of actual news, and the various perspectives is daunting and exhausting

Since the most recent phase of the post election chaos, created by Trump and his absurd and unhinged rejection of the reality that he lost to President-elect Joe Biden, reached crisis status due to the terrorist mob attacking the U.S. Capitol, the development of the various threads of the story have exploded exponentially.

With various legal cases and developments in the search for accountability, for numerous individuals including Trump himself, and with his ongoing defiance of his own guilt and the fate that awaits him, it feels like there are bombshell headlines nearly every hour.

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In addition to all of those serious and important threads are the reactions of the famous and the infamous, some trying to deflect or obfuscate, even to make light of the carnage, and the outrageous nature of the crimes. Others are grappling to give voice to the outrage that the vast majority feel, on many different levels at what has happened, and what continues to happen. Most of all: what might happen next.

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Below are various headlines from the last 24 hours, some of which encapsulate the horror and the confusion, as well as the attempts to find clarity in this massive, ongoing and developing story:

”GOP Rep. Peter Meijer says he is ‘considering’ Trump impeachment after Capitol riot”

-USA Today

“Jim Jordan repeatedly refuses to say Biden fairly won election”


”New terror threat points to plot to surround Capitol, lawmaker says”


”Trump Threatens Violence If He’s Impeached for Inciting Violence”

-New York Magazine

”Analysis: The bonkers Republican logic on why Trump shouldn’t be impeached”


”Deutsche Bank won’t do any more business with Trump”


“Pro-Trump Attorney Lin Wood Not of ‘Sufficient Character’ to Practice Law, Decides Judge”


”Was the Capitol Attack a Last Gasp of MAGA Violence or the Beginning?”

-Vanity Fair

”Texas officials worry Trump’s trip could turn violent”


”There Will Be No ‘Unity’ Until Republicans Give Up Voter-Suppression as a National Policy”


”Don Lemon: Trump ‘the biggest snowflake of them all”

— The Grio

”Trump Expresses No Contrition for Inciting the Capitol Mob.”

-The New York Times

”Democrats have a new tool to undo Trump’s ‘midnight rule-making.’ But there’s a catch.”

-NBC News

“Facebook Removes ‘Stop The Steal’ Content; Twitter Suspends QAnon Accounts”


“Extremists move to secret online channels to plan for Inauguration Day in D.C.”

-NBC News

”How to stop an Insurrection Caucus: These reforms could reduce GOP extremism and save our democracy”


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