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Volume 3: Mini-Virtual Get-aways for a Stay-cation Odyssey into 2021



Midnight Autofahren through Berlin mixed with a Psychedelic Visualization of Tomorrow

Night views of Berlin with mental memory materials echoing forward. Thoughts manifest toward a space ship example song. How to relax? How to sleep? How to dream? A smooth experience of where. Minimal and fluid yet encouragement reliability source code. Hello. Thanks for listening.

Spirit in the Woods Official Music-Video: Exotic Animals in an Ambient Mix of Audio-Visual Adventure

Spirit in the Woods Official Music-Video: Exotic Animals in an Ambient Mix of Audio-Visual

Alien Genius Sensitivity: Galactic Theory Ambient Trance

Space visualizations of epochs unwound above. Inside metal galaxies of tone and perspective lanes into joy. Relaxation alternative nodes for belief of tunnels of impact arrows. Space Force Mix 22XLT

Northern lights: Aurora Borealis – Ambient Music-Video – set to ‘on a blue day’ by Alejandro

Ambient Music-Video – music video for northern lights on a blue day by Alejandro ( can be downloaded at ) – time-lapse night photography – night sky dancing with Northern Lights against an aural backdrop of soothing yet upbeat groove. The combination can be heard seen and felt.

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