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Your Apple Wallet will now be able to include Driver’s License and State IDs



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iOS 15 and WatchOS 8 to expand Features in your Digital Wallet for select states to start soon

Back in June at the WWDC21, Apple announced it was working, along with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), on a new feature that will allow Apple users to replace things in our physical wallet like Driver’s Licenses/State Identification. 

The company has now announced that 8 states will take part in the roll out of the feature of users adding their’s licenses to the Apple Wallet (available for iPhone and Apple Watch) to use for airport travel at some participating airports.

There are also various apps and programs in each state for storing vaccination ID status information on the iPhone and this will also eventually, in many cases, migrate to the wallet app. The driver’s license and state ID upgrade, is a very big step, however, as this paves the way for the phone to have wallet status no less valid than a physical wallet full of IDs and credit-cards.

Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah will be among the first states to utilize the capability. Although at this time there is no specific date for timeline.

Just in time for back for in person learning season

This coming school year, for schools within the U.S. and Canada, Apple will offer mobile Student IDs via Apple Wallet, allowing for students to access campus buildings or make school related purchases without having to hold on to a physical card.

The new ID feature will be available with the iOS15 iPhone software update scheduled for release this fall.

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