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Jeff Bezos Predicts Recession and Lauren Sanchez is headed to Space



In CNN interview couple gush and giggle

Jeff Bezos, currently the world’s fourth richest person, says you might want to hold off on that big ticket item you’re listing after until the upcoming recession has abated.

He also admitted to having learned to fly a helicopter, and that Sanchez, herself a licensed pilot, had a hard time watching him learn.

She divulged that she “realized that when I’m in the back of the helicopter when he’s flying, I just kind of have to look out the window, just kind of enjoy the scenery.”

“I’m like, ‘No, no. Pull up. Okay. Okay, Slow down.’ But he’s very good.,”

Sanchez also said that she plans to travel into space “with a great bunch of women” in 2023.

In the same interview Bezos repeated his recent statement that he wants to give away “most” of his billions during his lifetime, though he also said that he had not yet formulated a specific plan to do so.

He has notably never signed on to the “giving pledge” which billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have.

Unlike his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, who has given away almost $4 billion to over 400 organizations in less than a year and twice that amount over the past two years, so far it has been mostly PR talk with little action in from the Amazon founder.

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