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Use this powerful setting for Screen-shot Back-Tap or many other actions

As many of you out there have undoubtedly realized, iOS 14 is a huge and powerful upgrade with layers of new features and options. Some can be learned by just getting used to the “lay of the land” and intuitively adapting.

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Others are “secret” or at least hidden to an extent, and require a road map to find. For this reason we have begun a YouTube series we call “iOS 14 Quick & Easy” to give you a quick, easy road map to learning and using all the best tips and tricks.

This installment shows the easy way to set your iPhone to initiate an action when you tap the back of the iPhone itself – either twice (double-tap) or three times (triple-tap).

There is actually a very long list of possible actions that can be triggered, but we chose screen-shot for this tutorial since it is really useful, fun and the steps would be the same for any action.

Infinite Flexibility is built-in to iOS14, you just need to choose your custom settings

The many other actions can be seen in the photo or just by scrolling to the “double-tap” menu as per the video and checking them out yourself.

Additionally there’s a shortcut section where ANY action that you set up as a shortcut can be accessed as a double-tap or triple-tap (meaning up to two actions dependent on 2 or 3 taps).

This illustrates the vast, basically limitless, ways that the new operating system and your phone can be customized and configured for fun, power and pure creative joy.

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