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Worried enough to Vote is the only sane reaction

In this, the newest and perhaps best made Meidas Touch pro-Biden ad, the hopes of Trump voters from 2016 are fantasizing about what his election would do for them and the country – cue the gruesome montage of what actually happened – a very well done and through collection of the horrors we have all witnessed in 3.6 years of Trump.

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The upbeat music is disconcerting and almost out of place – a satirical comment on the misguided hopes of the voters that were duped into believing his lies and claims of “so much winning you’ll be tired of it” and how only he can “fix it”.

Disturbing images, now all too familiar, of white supremacists and right-wing pro-fascists beating un armed BLM protestors in Portland and murderous racists driving into pedestrians and killing, all of these paint the real picture of “Trump’s America.”

An amazing collection of “Karens” and wacko suicidal “Anti-maskers” along with violent armed pick-up-truck-waves of belligerent maniacs looking for trouble and peaceful protestors to attack on behalf of Trump make this a comprehensive catalog of the insanity the orange wannabe dictator has unleashed.

The music is the sole matching element that echos the original title: “Bring Back Hope”, or perhaps that is also ironic as it conjures up a red hat and a tired slogan cribbed from Reagan: MAGA. The hope spoken of is the hope that Trump will be gone and Biden will allow us all to have some hope again. This is, clearly the only way forward.

That as it may be, this ad shows with stunning clarity the chaos and destruction already brought about with a maniac in the White House – and adds to the Mount Everest of evidence calling on us all the say “enough” and vote the madman out of office.

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