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Lincoln Project ad once again uses his own words to expose the criminal incompetence

A serious ad on a serious subject. Using clips from recent interviews it becomes shockingly clear that the “plan” that is Trump’s actual one, and has been all along, is to rely on a “herd mentality” (a freudian slip of murderous proportions) to kill off the weak and, eventually, leave those with biological resistance alive.

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Known, by the real world, as “herd immunity” the idea is a much debated topic among medical and scientific researchers. Unknown as a solution one thing is known: many more than the 200k already dead will have to die before this mythical immunity will save those left alive.

After a tragicomical series of nonsense excuses and lame attempts at outlining a plan to combat the virus, Trump finally announces, with his odd and bizarre habit of admitting to crimes he is likely to be accused of, that his plan all along was to just let people die until the virus, eventually, fades away on its own.

Would you like to volunteer your family? Your parents or children? How about you yourself? Trump doesn’t care. He has a medical staff and the Secret Service protecting him 24/7. But they can’t protect him from your vote for Biden. That’s the real message here.

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