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Liam Neeson in Netflix’s ‘The Ice Road’: Deja Vu of High Stakes and Treacherous Terrain



Above:Photo Credit / Netflix

The Ice Road is the latest venture for Liam Neeson, who, no stranger to action packed thrillers, already boasts a huge list of theatrical hits including: “The Marksman“, “Honest Thief”, “Cold Pursuit“, “Non-Stop“, “Taken” and more.

This time, he’s back at it in the Netflix produced Ice fest. Neeson’s character, Mike, plays a big rig driver traveling through the dangerous icy roads of Canada. A remote diamond mine collapses, trapping workers with only a limited time to survive without freezing. Mike must lead a seemingly impossible rescue mission transporting necessary equipment needed to save the 26 trapped miners.

In a sense with plot is a hybrid of Neeson’s two most dominant sub-genres, the violent triumph of the good guy against obvious pure evil and, initially in this case, the survival hero against the odds. As the trailer shows, the evil enemy does emerge, apparently in the form of the corrupt mine company that conspired in the collapse and thereby add even more tension to the already dire straits.

Though not a surprise in terms of genre, there is a sense that Liam Neeson is pushing all the buttons he’s pushed so well before, and with a star cameo from Laurence Fishburne as the man charged with putting together the crack team of misfits to make the rescue happen, it looks like this could be another winner.

Along with Liam, cast includes: Benjamin Walker, Amber Midthunder, Marcus Thomas and Laurence Fishburne. Check out the official trailer that just dropped. “The Ice Road” will be available to watch on the streaming platform starting June 25, 2021.

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