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‘The Marksman’, ‘The Dig’, ‘The Mauritanian’ and more: New Trailers for Netflix and Theater Releases



Drama, Thriller, Historic, Action, these upcoming releases have it all!

Check out the below five new trailers, both for theater releases early next year and some Netflix titles. Sabrina the final season, Liam Neeson in “The Marksman”, Ralph Fiennes in “The Dig”, Jodie Foster in “The Mauritanian” and more. This winter is set to be full of new releases for more streaming entertainment.

The Marksman – Jan. 22, 2021

Starring Liam Neeson, this action thriller is about a rancher on the Arizona border who becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy who is desperately fleeing the cartel assassins. Currently in post-production is set for release in theaters January 21, 2021. 

The Dig – Jan. 29, 2021

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Dec. 31

A biographical historical drama stars Lily James, Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes.  Based on the novel of the same title by author John Preston.  About an archaeologist who embarks on an important excavation of Sutton Hoo ini 1938.

The final season, Part 4 of the Netflix series is about to be back.  With the iconic Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina.  The series will hit your streaming platform on December 31, 2021. 

The Mauritanian – Feb. 19, 2021

With an all-star cast including: Jodie Foster, Benedict Cumberbatch and Shailene Woodley, is a military thriller. A detainee at U.S. detention center – Guantanamo Bay is being held without charges for over a decade and seeks help from a defense attorney for his release.  The film is completed and is set for theatrical release on February 19, 2021. 

We Can Be Heroes – Coming Soon TBA

A group of super kids team up to rescue their super parents from aliens.  Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Christian Slater, and Yaya Gosselin star as superheroes.  Which definitely gives viewers vibes from “Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”. No official release date has been release but will be coming to Netflix soon. We will update as more information is released. 

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