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Lincoln Project’s SoupNazi Send-Up is Prolonging the #bagsofsoup Twitter trend



The Lincoln Project, a now infamous political action committee founded by high profile never-Trumper Republicans such as George Conway, Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt, sent their elves into the edit bay last night to add to the ongoing threads of tweets and satirical videos responding to a clip of a the Trump Soup tirade from July.

Following our video post from yesterday (as seen below, edited by our own Danny Leeds) they went with the Seinfeld theme and crafted a conversation between Trump and the well known “Soup Nazi” of Seinfeld fame. Unlike Danny’s rendition, which left the full ridiculousness of Trump’s original recording 100% intact, thereby allowing the viewer to revel in the sheer insanity of the uncut version of his speech.

Instead The Lincoln Project decided to milk the somewhat over-exposed humor of soup and radical right wing politics being mixed by fabricating an exchange between the fictional Seinfeld character and Trump.

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The follow up video from Lincoln project, which we have featured in our next post, is a somewhat more serious, yet simultaneously absurd, take on the mental state of our erstwhile “leader” and commander in chief and it’s accelerating deterioration before our eyes.

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