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Ad is an entertaining dramatization of their famous circular pizza box patent.

Still / Apple

The head of Apple’s food services team helped design a circular pizza box a few years ago. The next time you order a pizza at Apple’s Cupertino Campus – you’ll see one.

What makes it special, other than the circular shape and clean Apple-white aesthetic, are the holes that allow the steam to escape and insure that the pizza doesn’t get soggy. Looking as much like a UFO as the Campus looks like a Space-Ship is also somehow implied. The patent can be traced back to 2010. 

The ad takes you through the adventure of invention, tracing the quirky, creative steps of these rag-tag designers.

Above all, it does an excellent job capturing the essence of the creative process, the near-neurosis of the design team, and all the hurdles life puts in front of invention.

Still / Apple

The spot also does an excellent job of showing how we could all use Apple products to scale those hurdles, much as our underdog heroes do. Finally we are along for the ride as these future design champs get the chance to make their big pitch.  

Still / Apple

[ During the last shot as they board the elevator headed for the upper floors, I do wish they added an insert with someone pushing a circular elevator button (with the iconic Apple logo, of course), — Ed. ]

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