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Apple releases 3rd in the “Experiments” series, this one by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite in collaboration with WET

The previous clip in the series was an excellent video showing what can be done using 32 iPhone XR cameras set up into a Bullet-Time” rig like the one used in “The Matrix”. As was the case with the previous release, a behind the scenes video is provided also, showing the techniques that were used to produce the effects in the main clip.

It can be seen immediately how much the lighting set up, creative experimentation and even the water resistant qualities of the iPhone XS all play a large role in finding the beautiful, mesmerizing, stylized results. The music, perfectly synchronized and a melange of watery sound effects and impressionistic electronica, is perversely flattering and enhances the visuals infintely. The water “rigs”, dry ice dispensers and various cylindrical plastic containers are, all by themselves, quite impressive and the art department that provided and produced those deserve much of the credit for the results!

All that being said, however, the quality of the images and versatility and range of the camera effects settings is impressive and hardly what comes to mind when one thinks of “smartphone” video.

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