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“Stand back and Standby” ?!

Mr. Trump, you can cry and whine all you want. You can refuse to “accept” that the ballots, once counted, hand you defeat. But your refusal will fall on deaf ears. And the “Proud Boys” can’t save you. And you know it.

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At the first (and possibly last) presidential debate 2020 Trump scowled, ranted and raved about various untruths he felt were “unfair” to him (surprise). And at the end of the debate was asked if he would accept the certified election results, once all the votes are counted. He refused to do so. He went on a nonsensical tirade (his umpteenth of the night) about “ballots in creeks” and “unsolicited” ballots, mentioned the words “rigged” and “fraud” and fraudulent ( no, not in connection with his tax returns, that would be honesty).

Does it even need to be said that all the huffing and puffing about ballots and fraud was itself a fraud?

Isn’t it obvious that when a constant liar repeats the same nonsense figures and examples over and over that it’s just another gambit? The river where all the ballots were supposedly tossed?

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There is no river and no ballots that “just happened to be marked Trump” were ever thrown into one. There are trash cans in the world, but no one has been able to corroborate any specific trash can with any Trump ballots ( or Biden ballots either).

It was embarrassing enough when the president’s chief spokesperson effectively and grudgingly conceded that Trump’s “river” references weren’t accurate. It’s quite a bit worse now that the underlying claim about ballots appears to be wrong, too. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported late yesterday:

No Wisconsin absentee ballots were found in mail discovered in a ditch in the Fox Valley last week, the state’s top election official said Thursday.

“There was mail found outside of Appleton and that mail did not include any Wisconsin ballots.”

-Meagan Wolfe, director of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, during a virtual news conference

The truth in all of this and the “message” is that Trump has already conceded the election and is proceeding with the plan of contesting the outcome. 32 days before election day.

In the end all his bloviation amounts to less than the stale windbag-fumes that will leak from the fat-baby-trump blimps that are going to be retired in a few months. And the “Proud Boys”? They’ll all be in jail if they so much as lift a weak imbecilic hand in his defense. What do you think?

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