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This debacle was caused by one loser, not 3

The first 2020 presidential debate was, according to many pundits, a sh*t show, and that’s no lie. But just how bad it was, clearly caused by one participant in particular, can only be seen when you do not have to sit through the entire 90 minutes of pain.

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In this clip, the first in our “Trump’s True Colors” series, we highlight his rabid-dog-like attack on Joe Biden’s only living son, Hunter. Joe handles the onslaught like the strong survivor that he is. His patience is truly astounding. Anyone else would be driven to distraction and ultimately get dragged down into the disgusting mud that Trump loves to wallow in. Not Joe. He does get the last word, however.

More desperate than ever, as the clock goes tick, tock, tick, tock…

While the entire debate was bereft of any unexpected revelations, the sheer quantity of petulantce, lies and ad hominem attacks was amazing, even for the mud-slinger from Queens. Right wing pundits tried to put a positive spin on it, comparing Trump to a “bucking bronco”, but the way he interrupted with contestant lies and attacked the moderator, barely recognizing who he was attacking, it’s clear we are looking at a truly desperate man.

The Trump propaganda machine has already declared his performance “The Greatest Debate Win in U.S. History”, a psychotic fantasy so absurd that only the sociopath-in-chief could have come up with it. Unfortunately, for Trump, the schtick is getting old, very old. This is not the first time the circus came to town, and all the pratfalls and pantomime this clown can muster will not help him to win back his audience. Or? Check out the clip and see for yourself.

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