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This Heat is For Real: US and Europe Both Feel the Pain



Last weekend it was New York, Boston and much of the rest of the US that was in a dire situation due to dangerous temperatures. Then, Europe took its turn. Twice. Anecdotal evidence builds, seemingly by the day, that the climate crisis is accelerating. Below we feature stories with a little more detail on the heat this week:

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In the second extreme weather event so far this summer, Paris, hit an all time record high on Thursday, after the recent, record breaking heatwave in June. This time, the thermometer hit an unheard of 108.6 degrees Fahrenheit (which is 42.4 Celsius) and, since 30 degrees Celsius is considered extreme heat in Europe, this is a truly astonishing stat.

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The blistering barrage is being felt as far west as Texas and north to Canada and even Alaska. The Great Lakes region and as far as Colorado and Kansas are also being affected.<p> The wave is being seen as a worsening of summer extremes related to the climate crisis. This, after France and Europe experienced all time record high temperatures and even the arctic seas are being monitored at unheard of temps.

Man refreshing himself in Public square under summer high temperature with Fire-hydrant

Read More: NYC Blackout Sunday Night Affects 50k as Hopes Rise for the Heat Wave to Subside

A week and a day after the metropolis endured a blackout affecting hundreds of thousands due to a transformer fire, another power outage has affected up to fifty thousand throughout Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx.

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