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Tower of Lies: Trump Tower Project Manager unveils the President’s unsavory business origins




Longtime former Trump aide pens tell-all about his repugnant behavior

In 1980, Barbara Res became the first woman to spearhead a major construction project in New York City. The project was Trump Tower, and thus began a tumultuous partnership with Donald Trump, a professional relationship that Res relentlessly unfolds in her new book, “Tower Of Lies.”

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For two decades, Res worked as an executive for Trump’s real estate company. In that time, she had nearly unparalleled access to the man’s business practices and (un)professional conduct. While working on Trump Tower—perhaps the President’s most famous endeavor before entering politics—she quickly learned who he really was. 

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As the book makes clear, the President has always presented himself as an image of luxury, class, and business prowess. However, this image persistently strays far from his true nature. 

Res explains, “He was able to control others, through lies and exaggeration, with promises of money or jobs, through threats of lawsuits or exposure. He surrounded himself with yes-men, blamed others for his own failures, never took responsibility, and always stole credit.”

Perhaps most distressingly, Res recounts instances where the President demonstrated unambiguous racism and misogyny. Reportedly, Trump did not want black people working on his Tower and even resisted letting them inside upon completion. He similarly made disparaging comments against his Jewish employees and constantly objectified the women around him. 

Although hiring Res to oversee Trump Tower may have seemed like a progressive feminist action at first glance, the author shares how Trump constantly belittled his female employees by obsessing over their bodies and stressing the importance of looks.

The long list of Character Defining “bad acts” is virtually endless

Unsurprisingly, then, Res also exposes how Trump preferred to distance himself from the “common man”— the very constituents that he now claims to stand for in Washington. Apparently, he surrounds himself with powerful people to boost his ego, viewing average workers as inferior and those who disagree with him as blasphemous. Res further writes that Trump’s “regard for himself had increased exponentially” as he gained more power, and today, “these tactics are still at work, just deployed at the highest levels of the U.S. government, with all the corruption and chaos that necessarily ensue.”

Res is far from the first Trump insider to come out against the President. Just this year, Michael CohenJohn BoltonBob Woodward, and even the President’s niece Mary Trump, have all revealed hidden details about the POTUS’s seedy past. Most recently, even White House Biomedical Research and Development leader Rick Bright exposed the President’s shortcomings in handling the COVID-19 pandemic in the documentary “Totally Under Control.”

Naturally, the Trump administration has renounced all these claims against the president, playing the victim and calling the facts erroneous. Res’ new book will surely meet no different of a fate. In previous instances where Res has spoken out against Trump—such as when she endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016—the President has lashed out against her, claiming that she should be grateful for the opportunities he gave her so long ago. 

Of course, Trump Tower did indeed do a lot for Res’ career. Nevertheless, that same project also made her realize that the man in the White House is a con artist who continues living in his own one-track, uninformed, egotistical world. The only difference is that he now holds more power than ever before.

The electronic version of “Tower of Lies” goes on sale starting October 20th, just two weeks before Election Day, with the hardcover edition available November 30, 2020.

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