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Trump Overseas Flight Plan Timed to Avoid Inauguration Ceremony



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Plans appear to show that being out of the country for his ouster is a high priority

For months there has been speculation that Trump, given very few options for what to do beginning on January 20th, 2021, once the Biden Presidency begins, will take refuge overseas. As if right on cue, it appears that he could be planning a trip to Scotland. Now it appears that there is a plan already in place, with the precise timing needed to avoid the dreaded event, according to UK aviation sources. 

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“Prestwick Airport has been told to expect the arrival of a US military Boeing 757 aircraft, which is occasionally used by Trump, on January 19 – the day before his Democratic rival takes charge at the White House.

Speculation surrounding Trump’s plans has been fuelled by the activity of US Army aircraft, which were based at Prestwick airport for a week and said to be carrying out 3D reconnaissance of the president’s Turnberry resort.”

— DailyRecord

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Aircraft used by the President, First Lady and Vice-President are known to have a US special call sign, rather than a tail number making it easier when air traffic controllers need to give them special treatment. 

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In various Lynxotic articles since November, based on the various options and statements “leaking” from Trump himself, we had some confidence that he would not remain in the US once Biden was officially taking over. The remaining uncertainty is if or when he would return, assuming that this report is ultimately confirmed. 

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“Sore loser” is, as so often in the case when trying to describe Trump’s character, a massive understatement

 “Trump may announce for 2024 on inauguration day. Either way, he won’t attend the inauguration and does not plan to invite Biden to the White House or even call him.” 

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Meanwhile, with UK (and the US) in the middle of restrictions related to the coronavirus, just arriving at that time would potentially violate Tier 4 rules which forbid travel into the area of Trump Turnberry which is effectively closed until February 5, according to its website.

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