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Although Vice had only a modest showing at the box office (#6 on opening weekend and 40m as of January with a domestic-only-release) the film produced the second highest number of Oscar nominations at 8.

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Christian Bale, with his otherworldly portrayal of GW’s Veep, appears to be a strong contender for Best Actor . Sam Rockwell gets the nod as Best Supporting Actor nominee for his work as our 43rd Prez., George W. Bush.

“…thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role”

Christian Bale, accepting his Golden Globes Award for Best Actor

In the A.V. Club December 2018 interview below, Bale shares his thoughts on Cheney, the man, and his experience of portraying a person who is neither “all villain” or “all saint”, noting that all humans display some of each of those qualities.

“…(Cheney)… a fascinatingly contradictory character, incredibly strong minded, absolutely refusing to apologize or to have any regrets.”

In the four-plus minute clip, Bale explains some of the techniques and methods he employed in order to transform into the extreme and unique personage that was Dick Cheney as seen in VICE. Thoughts on the current political climate, and more are also shared.

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Known for his chameleon like transformations from an American Psycho, (as Patrick Bateman, lead character in the black comedy horror film from the year 2000) to comic book Super Hero (Batman) into eccentric introverted hedge fund genius (as Michael Burry in The Big Short), Bale is no stranger to extreme onscreen transformations. With the unrecognizable girth and “charisma free” personality created to play Cheney in VICE, however, it appears that the bar has been raised almost impossibly high. Oscar prediction: C.B. will win Best Actor Award on February 24th at the 91st Academy Awards.

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