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‘Wrath of Man’ Trailer: Jason Statham Action a la Guy Ritchie seeks to Bust Blocks in Summer Season Launch



Above: Wrath of Man Credit: MGM

In the Director – Star pairing this marks the fourth try 

Has anyone noticed the seemingly sudden surge in new films announced and confirmed for release dates? Especially for theatrical runs? And doesn’t it feel like summer is kicking off artificially early? I guess that’s a sign of all of us wanting to kick-in the teeth of the lock-down era. Miami was just a beginning, perhaps.

Part of the reason, of course, for the sudden surge in film release activity, is the need to push forward and outward various productions that were previously on ice due to the pandemic.  One example of this phenomena is “Wrath of Man,” from MGM and Miramax, which will get its theatrical launch from United Artists on May 7. As already mentioned this is the newest, fourth match-up between English filmmaker Ritchie and action staple Jason Statham.

The first date that was set for this film was an optimistic January 15th, which just so happened to coincide with the peak of what is now being called the “third wave”, and certainly no fortuitous release date, action god or no. 

A second scheduling attempt was originally set for April 23rd until finally landing on the May 7th date. That date is traditionally one that can be a strong one for future summer blockbusters and was, luckily for “Wrath of Man” recently vacated by “Black Widow” which has been shifted by Disney to July 9th for both streaming on Disney+ and in theaters. 

Whew! Stay tuned for more updates as the changes and new confirmed releases are happening, seemingly, by the hour. Oh, and enjoy the trailer.

Above: Official Trailer for “Wrath of Man” Credit: MGM

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