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Zola Trailer Drops: Freaky Film based on Twitter Thread is Destined for Theaters



Sex, Drugs, Florida, Strip Clubs, what can go wrong?

Zola” emerged initially as a tweet thread (of approximately 148 tweets) which captivated and vent viral at the time, say around late 2016. The thread was Aziah Wells’ firsthand account of what Rolling Stone has called “The Greatest Stripping Saga ever Tweeted“, which began with an idea, inspired by her work-friend, that it might be fun and profitable to try to make money dancing at strip clubs…

It’s actually spawned a feature film – one that attempts to bring online mash-up ethos and and mind-set to the big screen. Staring Taylour Paige and Riley Keough this genre obliterating dark, wild stab into now had its initial run at Sundance (2020) and has gained adherents enough to gain a theatrical release now that the lock-down is finally abating.

This new trailer will give more than a taste of what’s in store with Zola arriving in theaters (exclusively, at least initially) this summer.

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