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‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’:  the Existential Sci-Fi Thriller a beyond Wild trip into Multiverses 



The new sci-fi action film debuted at SXSW’s opening night. The title says its all “Everything Everywhere All At Once” deals with the chaotic adventure of an exhausted Chinese American woman, Evelyn who is struggling to finish her taxes. But that’s not all she’s dealing with: a marriage on the fritz, her strained relationship with her daughter, and oh yea, the universes (multi) that are collapsing on each other. 

Actress and veteran action star Michelle Yeoh plays Evelyn. Yeoh is best known for her work in “Croching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” yet has been in over 40+ movies including “Shang Chi”, “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

While at a tax appointment, something strange happens  (with her crazed tax auditor played by the iconic Jammie Lee Curtis), she finds herself experiencing alternate selves – versions of Evelyn that has bad-ass martial art skills, one that can speak English fluently, and strangest of all, one where she has hot dogs for fingers!  

A full fledged multiverse that’s collapsing and only can be stopped with the help from all of her alt-world counterparts keeps the action and visual stimulation at peak levels with the story, though twisted, still present and accounted for.

The film will be released March 25 and stars Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, Harry Shum Jr., Jenny Slate with James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis. Produced by the Russo Brothers of Marvel’s Avengers fame, initial release is for theaters and no streaming platform has been announced at this date.

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