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Biden Ad approves Trump’s remarks

Trump was heard saying to his supporters at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina that he will never speak to them again if he loses to Biden. Trump tends to have an odd habit of saying things very much aloud that make it incredibly easy to create Anti-Trump ads using his sound-bites against him. And very entertaining, indeed, the ads typically are.

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Often and repeatedly he will jump on Twitter to criticize any and all of his many adversaries. It is refreshing and welcome that Joe Biden can use Trump’s exact words to his benefit this time around. On Saturday, September 19, 2020, Biden took to social media to release and officially “approve” of Trump’s message. The mere 10 second ad of the president’s remarks immediately went viral with now more than 15 million views on the Twitter and Instagram platform .

The video was commented on by the popular anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project with the words “oh hell yea.” The Lincoln Project, so named since they are comprised of Republicans that are opposed to Trump and the way he has destroyed the GOP, has been prolific in creating a constant barrage of ads, many of which we have featured and reviewed.

In the very short video clip, Trump appears to playfully talk about the possibility of losing to Biden (in the mind of a narcissist, the thought of losing would never even be considered). Yet if taken literally, many would relish not ever having to publicly hear or see Donald Trump again…..

“If I lose to him,” he declares, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I will never speak to you again. You’ll never see me again.”

To get deeper into the sludge that is the GOP gang backing Trump this year check out this ad by the Lincoln Project:

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