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Insanity Receding: How a Lack of Trump and his Neuroses is already Healing us All



senator Chuck Schumer on phone with Joe Biden telling the president-elect there are celebrations throughout the streets of NYC

Fake President not Fake News

One of the most shocking elements we witnessed during the dawning hours of the post-Trump era is how quickly the media is pouncing on the opportunity to restore truth and sanity,  pivoting to reporting and observing what lies ahead. 

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How disorienting it is to see reporters and opinion pundits speaking openly about the Trump induced horrors of the recent past, while simultaneously looking ahead to what the possibilities are, now that the constant terror-tweeting and chaos mongering has finally come to an end

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Seeing Joe Biden speak, uninterrupted by a raving madman, attacking his son and spouting made-up accusations is also a shocking experience. Many are likely seeing this for the first time.

And no “gaffs”, no stuttering just an eloquent “normal” victory speech, with special attention paid to the need to rise above the chaos of his predecessor. 

After 4 years of Trump, amid massive and very real global threats, the path toward healing is not a simple one

Problems? Of course, possibly bigger and more than ever before – extinction-level threats from the climate crisis (not a hoax) amid a world-wide raging pandemic (also not a hoax) and, oh yes, the precarious financial recovery, all of these and more are looming and will not be easily or quickly solved, even without the madman-in chief harping in the wings. 

But the strange custom of expecting attack-tweets and vile statements and actions round-the-clock, like some kind of cannibalistic-ritual murder-sacrifice of the ideals and norms of decent behavior, are GONE.

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Trump can tweet but nothing he can say will be of any importance. The yanking off the air that took place on November 6th, as Trump was speaking in a prearranged press conference, while he veered deeper and deeper into irrelevant lies and insanity will be seen by history as the final moment of any mandatory coverage by the media.

The End is Neigh, but 73 Days of Trump’s antics remain

We may still see a Nixonian-peace-sign-wave goodbye-in-disgrace moment sometime before January 20th, and Trump may prove to be his own soothsayer and prognosticator, and “leave the country” sneaking away on his private jet to a country with a non-extradition treaty (my bet is Russia). However, it is already time that we must all live without his madness, and without using him to blame for all that’s wrong with our world.   

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As the feeling of relief recedes, the work on the first draft of history regarding the Trump era will begin. And, thankfully, it is taking the form, in these first fragile and dawning hours, of an immediate purge of the madness and the lies, finally without endless pushback from the liar and his minions. The propaganda machine has lost its all pervasive influence, at least for now.

Indeed, it was Fox News that famously projected Arizona as a win for Biden before nearly any other news outlet – rendering the madman furious and beside himself, and that fact is a harbinger of the enormous and necessary shift away from the psychotic empire of hate, and toward something at least slightly less toxic.

All the sycophants and hangers-on must look for other ways to get on. All the horrible useless “aids” and “advisors” that were only window-dressing for the plundering and inept “management” of a his self-serving agendas will soon be gone. 

Time Square celebrations for joe Biden

“Lies on a Loop” will recede but the truth takes time

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The post-mortem and dismantling of this massive historical mistake will be continuing round the clock for a very long time. 

But let it come and let it flow. Stand up and Stand fast – let the voices that had once been drowned out by the sick-twisted machine-gun barrage of lies ring out loud and clear. 

This is not only a time for us to repudiate the errors and intentional misrepresentations but , once and for all, to banish all the dangerous nonsense to the dustbin of history. 

Windmills do not cause cancer, they do not kill millions of birds. Oil and coal are not the elements that will save mankind. The coronavirus, the climate crisis and his impeachment were not, and are not, hoaxes. Nobody who opposed him was ever “a terrible person” for doing so. 

In an interview on the evening of November 8th, 2016, a famous political pundit was asked “after the results of tonight’s election are known, where do you predict Trump will end up?”. Without hesitation, the pundit calmly and confidently answered: “In the dustbin of history, where he belongs, of course”.

In the end he was absolutely correct, it only took 1459 days longer than he predicted. 

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