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A Look Back at the Strangest and Worst Administration Ever



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Can you miss something bad because it became familiar?

Are we going to miss DJT? He has predicted many times that we would, or at least that the media would miss the “ratings”. Now that, ever so slightly and with a surreal subtlety, his influence fades and begins to seem like a drunken nightmare from which we are awakening in a groggy stupor, bizarre thoughts appear.

Controlling the news cycle has been his thing from day 1. And, if this man has any real talent, it is for dominating the news with lies, nonsense and outrageous acts. Initially, like hostages with Stockholm Syndrome, we will struggle to adapt to a life with less drama from the White House, and, eventually, less doom-scrolling. 

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Was he a clown or a monster? Both, of course. It is hard to admit or even comprehend how we were all, even the anti-trump “libs”, on some level captivated by the show and the drama. 

At times laughing at him, tragic and bittersweet, as we suffer from his brutal senseless acts and incompetence, we still felt some strange enjoyment in being appalled. Ultimately, that was never anything we could accept or live with.

If only he had been even more incompetent, perhaps his buffoonery would have been harmless enough and we could have somehow tried to just go about our lives without thought of politics. But that was never the case.  

Anger and Rage belie the criminality that is at the core

It was, in the end and still today, the anger, as Bob Woodward put it, the “Rage” beneath it all that made it so dangerous, so intolerable that a culture war had to happen to oust this comical criminal.

Meanwhile, 70 million are still falling for his childish nonsense conspiracy theories and his mirroring and projection of all his own negative traits. He tried, in plain sight to “rig the vote” even as he screamed constantly that the Democrats were the ones doing exactly that (they weren’t).

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This tired playbook – a man lies constantly and at the same time shouts that the actual truth is “fake news”, which sycophants like Kellyanne Conway explain away his obvious garbage with terms like “alternative facts”. 

In the end, as his toxic anger grew, the 75-150 million that are not Trump followers had to rise up and do something, no matter how entertaining his schtick might be, at times. 

The remaining 70 million, those that were mesmerized or star-stuck (really?) or just shallow and dim-witted, will also have to adjust to a political landscape without the magic-clown they so love and adore. 

Loving him as anti-communist Vietnamese and Cuban immigrants accepted the nonsense idea that Biden and all Democrats are communist loving socialists and that only DJT could save them from a return to the horrors they escaped under actual communism. Never mind that he is an obvious Putin lover and exchanged lovely letters with a certain North Korean dictator. 

Or buying into his boasts about the economy virtually none of which were based on fact (other than the massive tax cuts for huge corporations, that the majority of his followers would not benefit from). In virtually every case there is a superficial nonsense reason that these individuals expanded into a justification for blind allegiance and even hero worship. 

It’s unlikely that many of those people will be open to rethinking their views anytime soon, unfortunately. 

All twerking aside, there a deeper story here

First, the imminent victories for Biden-Harris in Georgia and Arizona, after the huge win in Pennsylvania have a huge message to the GOP and all wannabe racist-tyrants. 

The demographics of America do not favor populist leaders like Trump and the shift away from racism and all that Trump stood for will inevitably accelerate across the USA in the coming years. 

Both Georgia and Arizona were lost to the GOP due to a demographic voting shift, one that is unlikely to reverse course.

The future is now embedded in the minds of the young after they witnessed the horrors of Trump

Tiktok recently exhibited a shift away from being a lip-syncing dance and entertainment platform to becoming a showcase for the thoughts, intelligence and gifted viewpoints of the young and politically aware.

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While “Trump trolls” also posted plenty during this election season, it is the depth and quality of the discourse among the left or liberal leaning that is most impressive. 

A generation of Americans, particularly those currently between the ages of 15-25 have come of age during a brutal, ugly time – the last 4 years, and many have come away with a new awareness of the real costs of political apathy. 

And it is precisely the challenges that affect them most – like the possibility that the planet may not survive long enough for them to live out their lives, which inspires them to be vocal and active. 

Apathy will not be an option in the future, or all is lost. The young see this most clearly of all, and are demonstrating, on platforms like TikTok and Twitter, how they are going to become a bigger factor in the future of our country. Amen to that, brother. 

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